Bible teachers – this is for you!

If you are new to teaching a Bible study, this site will give you a great start. If you are a veteran teacher, this site will give you resources to become a better teacher – a great teacher, even!

How would you define a “great” Bible teacher? Probably as one with spiritual depth, Biblical knowledge, and love. They encourage fellowship,  instill knowledge, and inspire transformation. They “speak the truth in love.” (Eph 4:15)

Here are some issues that Great Bible Teachers addresses:

  • Class members see one another for a few minutes each week. How can I help them be better connected to one another?

  • Biblical literacy is at an all-time low. How can I teach in a way that my class members know more of the Bible?

  • People can have Biblical knowledge but they are not necessarily transformed by that knowledge. How can I teach in a way that inspires transformation?

  • Training for Bible teachers is scarce. Where can I receive training that will educate me on the best teaching practices?

  • Where can I find a curriculum that is Biblically-based, spiritually deep, reasonably priced, and easy to prepare?

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Our goal is to provide excellent resources, training, and curriculum that help good Bible teachers become great Bible teachers.

Because our great class members, like these pictured below, deserve the best.

Rick’s Bible Study group on a typical Sunday morning.