Need a lesson plan for this week? Or a short series? Or an entire year’s worth of curriculum? I have written hundreds of lesson plans! I want to share them with you.

The lessons use the FIT outline (Fellowship Question, Information, Transformation) with three goals: that class members will leave a session knowing one another a little bit better, knowing a little more about the Bible and its teachings, and desiring to follow Jesus a little bit closer. These are lesson plans written for the Bible study leader (not the class member).

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How to download?

Some of these lessons are in a series (Lent or a Bible book, for example). Some stand alone. Either way, click on each individual lesson plan you would like to use.

Seven Lenten/Easter Lesson Plans from Psalms
Thirteen Lesson Plans on Abraham and Sarah’s Growing Faith

This is a study of the seven conversations God had with Abram/Abraham. These conversations teach us how faith begins and grows. Ultimately, understanding these conversations will help us comprehend one of the most seemingly bizarre stories of the entire Bible: God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. This series also includes stories of when Abraham and Sarah took backward steps in their faith journeys, reminding class members that “the best of us” sometimes struggle, rebel, or take matters into our own hands – and it doesn’t go well.

Genesis and Genealogy – Exploring Our Beginnings

First Revelation – Belief- Genesis 11:26-12:1-5

Second Revelation – Trust – Genesis 12:4-9

When God’s Plan A Becomes Abram’s Plan B – Genesis 12:10-20

Third Revelation – Obedience – Genesis 13:1-18

Abram and Melchizedek get in sync – Genesis 14:11-24

Fourth Revelation – Partnership – Genesis 15:1-20

The Faiths of Sarai and Hagar – Genesis 16:1-16

Fifth Revelation – Intimacy – Genesis 17:1-27

Sixth Revelation, Righteousness, Part 1, Hospitality, Genesis 18:1-15

Sixth Revelation, Righteousness, Part 2, Justice, Genesis 19:1-29

When the Godless are as Good as the Godly -Genesis 20:1-18

Seventh Revelation – Stewardship – Genesis 22:1-18

The Gospel of John

I offer four optional plans for studying John’s Gospel.

1. A series of lessons that will take your class members from John 1:1 to 21:25.

2. A series of lessons focusing on the seven “signs” that clarify the role of Jesus. Titles begin with *

3. A series of lessons focusing on the seven “I am” sayings that clarify the identity of Jesus. Titles begin with !

4. A series that may be used in the Lenten season.

I am adding lessons as I write and teach them. These are the completed lessons thus far.

Opening Session – John as the Gospel of Abundance

The Word that Shines – John 1:1-18

John the Baptist as Witness to the Light – John 1:19-34

Come and See Jesus – John 1:35-51

*First Sign – Jesus Turned the Water into Wine – John 2:1-12

Jesus Turned the Tables – John 2:13-25

Teacher to Teacher (Nicodemus) – John 3:1-21

Purity, Position, and Punishment – John 3:22-36

! Water to the Thirsty Soul (Samaritan woman, Preliminary “I am” statement) John 4:1-42

*Second Sign – Jesus Gives Life – John 4:46-54

*Third Sign – Jesus Works on the Wrong Day – John 5:1-18

Conflict and Clarification – John 5:16-47

*Fourth Sign – Was Jesus Tempted? (Feeding of the over 5,000) – John 6:1-15

*Fifth Sign – Jesus Walks on Water – John 6:16-29

! Food for the Hungry Souls – “I am the Bread of Life” – John 6:30-71

Wanting What Jesus Wants – John 7

Jesus Faces Sin and Offers Forgiveness – John 8:2-11

! “I am the Light”John 8:12-59

Free to Be Who Jesus Made Me to Be – John 8:31-36

* Sixth Sign – “He Opened My Eyes” – John 9

(Handout for John 9 – A Reading in Six Voices)

! “I am the Good Shepherd. I am the Gate.” John 10:1-21

(PowerPoint presentation on “The Good Shepherd in Early Christian Art”)

Words and Works – John 10:22-30

Divine Dawdling – John 11:1-16

*! Seventh Sign – “I am the Resurrection and the Life” John 11:17-44

Jesus Prefers Perfume – John 11:28-37; 12:1-8

Seed Must Die – John 12:20-33

The Glory of Footwashing – John 13:1-35 (not yet released)

Six Lessons on 1 Peter

1:1-9 Rejoicing in Hope

1:13-25 Take Time to be Holy

2:1-10 Living Stones

2:11-25 “Abstain from Evil. Act with Integrity.”

3:13-22 Good Suffering?

Slide presentation for the “Good Suffering?” lesson

5:6-11 Lion Taming