Alphabet of Errors: How to Teach the Bible Better

Coming very soon! My new book, The Alphabet of Errors.

This book is for all who teach the Bible, whether in a Sunday School class, a weekday study, or a Wednesday night prayer meeting.

“With over 30 years worth of teaching experience, Rick Jordan has learned what works – and what does not – in leading a Bible study. Using the alphabet, Dr. Jordan itemizes 26 errors common to Bible study teachers – such as the first three chapters on Assumptions, Bullies, and Calling on the Introvert. With humor, humility, and wisdom, the book promises to help the beginning teacher get off to a good start and to help the good teacher become a great teacher.”

This book has an interesting history. I was working on a “how to teach the Bible” book when I met a professor who used my curriculum materials. I told her that I would like to have her opinion of my outline and a few chapters because I wanted the opinion of an “in the trenches” lay teacher. I sent her the table of contents and three chapters. She replied that she really liked what I had done so far. But she had a suggestion. “My students like it when I share with them mistakes that I have made. I like what you have, but I hope you will add mistakes you have made as a Bible teacher.”

I added that to the contents and began thinking about it. I jotted down some recent (and older, more traumatic) errors I had made, or seen others make. Soon, I realized that this was not a chapter, but a book itself. As I looked over the errors, I realized that with a little creativity, I could arrange them in an alphabetical order. Thus was born The Alphabet of Errors!


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